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Charles Woodson Wines

Charles Woodson, Proprietor

When Charles Woodson decides to pursue something, he does so with an uncompromising dedication to excellence. The most well known results of his steadfast drive can be witnessed on the football field. For those in the wine community, however, they can be tasted in the bottles of his eponymous wines.  Charles Woodson Wines is a culmination of Charles’ commitment to producing superior outcomes and his dedication to bringing joy and blessings to others.

Charles’ affinity for wine was piqued in the summer of 1998 when he arrived in Napa Valley for training camp while playing for the Oakland Raiders. Interested in learning more about the art of making fine wine, he partnered with one of the industry’s preeminent winemakers, Gustavo A. Gonzalez. Gustavo’s expertise was first applied to making a single barrel of Merlot, the varietal that first caught Woodson’s eye and later led him to Cabernet Sauvignon. This original barrel was bottled and used as donation items for the charities Charles supports.

Enthralled by the complexities of winemaking and the ability of a good wine to turn effortless moments into unforgettable memories, Charles felt compelled to create a second vintage and expand the quantity. As production has grown just enough to be able to share, and a following of wine enthusiasts has developed, Charles finds himself enjoying increasing opportunities to host wine dinners at restaurants across the country. His wish for Charles Woodson Wines is that each glass imparts the same feelings of gratitude and contentment that fill his own life.

Charles is a true believer in extending compassion to others whenever possible. For this reason he established the Charles Woodson Foundation. The foundation offers the Charles C. Woodson scholarship which provides college funding to students of financial need who are entering a Kinesiology program. In honor of Charles’ mother, the Georgia A. Woodson Scholarship offers aid to students who were raised in single parent homes.

The Charles Woodson Foundation is also a benefactor of the CS Mott Children’s Hospital & Von Voightlander Women’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 2010, Mr. Woodson pledged $2 million to the hospital to help finance a new building and research fund. For more information on Mr. Woodson’s foundation and to join him in his efforts, please visit